What is Kwik News?

Talking about what an RSS news aggregator is and how it fits into the larger picture.

A Fisheye View of the Globe

The Globalisation of News

This millennium has seen many ongoing changes in the way news is delivered and consumed. Its greatest impact has perhaps been in the globalisation of communicating news.

A Large Billboard reads 'Dream'

Why Non-profit?

Kwik News began its life as a small start-up idea, but during the development process there was always an underlying tension between the ideals that I wanted to achieve and the reality of operating as a business. This tension was only resolved when I took the decision to release it as a non-profit initiative.

Time Lapse Cityscape

Introducing Kwik News

Kwik News is an RSS news aggregation & analytics website, covering the latest 24 hours. This project was born out of the frustration of attempting to follow the current world news in a reasonable amount of time.

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