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Introducing Kwik News

First, welcome to the blog!

Kwik News is an RSS news aggregation & analytics website, covering the latest 24 hours.  This project was born out of the frustration of attempting to follow the current world news in a reasonable amount of time.

On the surface, this should be an easy task, given the number of high quality sites that provide news over the Internet.  Although there is an overwhelming amount of information available, each individual site is only ever able to offer up a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of events.  Some sites are be limited by their location, missing events from other regions.  The content itself may be affected by the perspective with which a publisher views the world.  It just isn't possible a single news outlet to provide a fuller picture.

In attempting to follow the news with a degree of 'accuracy', I found myself spending too much time tracking multiple outlets and various news related platforms, but was generally left feeling that the overall coverage was insufficient.  Having a limited amount of time to consume news each day, I believed there had to be a better way.  Over the last two decades online news reporting has undergone great change, and yet I was unable to find a satisfactory solution to my dilemma.  The concept for Kwik News gradually took shape, but it was not until 2016 that my relocation would provide an opportunity to make it into a reality.

Kwik News offers a bird-eye view on the news, organising articles based on trending keywords.  It focuses on those that are most significant for a selection of categories, allowing the user to quickly gain insight into what is happening at any moment.  Furthermore, by ordering the news only using what has been reported by reputable news outlets, we avoid a lot of the possible manipulation issues that can arise when news articles are ordered by user interaction, such as the number of views or likes.  This allows people to better understand the context of the news they consume.

My aim is to provide a simple tool that will augment the existing news experience, facilitating people spending more time reading the news, rather than searching for it.  At the same time, the news providers benefit by having traffic passed onto their way.  It does not carry any of the content, but rather is limited to displaying the named links for individual articles in a way that respects the publishers.  As a non-profit initiative, Kwik News attempts to act as an intermediary, bringing the reader and the publisher together more effectively.

As for this blog, I hope to provide a behind-the-scenes’ view of what is happening with the website as new features are added and perhaps to describe how the site works, or the reasoning behind some of decisions that have been taken.  I would also like to discuss some of the broader issues that are occurring in the world of news.  Kwik News is actively being developed so check out the releases page to see what we has been done and what is currently in the pipeline.  I am always happy to receive feedback or suggestions so feel free to get in contact via our feedback page.

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