Release Dates

In progressTBDRedesign of various site components & complementary bug fixes
Version 2.1.105 Apr 2019Introduced blocking from certain countries due to concerns pertaining to their internet regulation.
Version 2.1.028th Mar 2019Improved media list and processing improvementss.
Other minor bug fixes.
Dec 2018Various Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.507 Nov 2018Included the blog.
Version 2.0.304 Oct 2018A consolidation of the server and network infrastructure.
Aug 2018Various Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.012 Aug 2018Improvements based on the beta. The site was restyled along with further enhancements; including a search facility.The server architecture was adjusted for better performance and stability.
01 Feb 2018The beta program was closed.
Version 1.0.2Jan 2018Shortcomings with the initial release were fixed and a new timeline design included.
Furthermore the general look and stability of the site were improved.
Nov 2017Various bug fixes.
Version 1.0.001 Oct 2017The first public release and start of the beta program.
May 2017An internal prototype became operational with the majority of features in place.
Sep 2016Initial development started.
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